Data Quality: A Valuable Asset With A High Commercial Value

Wednesday, 8. May 2019

The way to the qualified list proves to be rocky and more lanes, because every month around five percent of all addresses and contact person change. Lubeck, October 2010. Bankruptcies, company renaming, domicile and alternate Managing Director will provide quality problems in the own address list. False accounting information, undeliverable letters and incomplete customer information are the result. Nationwide up to 5,000 addresses and additional information change GmbH databyte according to the Lubeck every day.

While letter how dear Ms. Chief Editor”are not only shameful, prevent them also the trust-building of the addressee. Damage through gaps and duplicates a receiver receives equal a mailing several times to different mail addresses, the impression quickly by dubious mass advertising. Another customer gets even no mailing, even no impression. “Bernard Golden takes a slightly different approach. Companies want to avoid both. The economic consequences are proving to be Peter at an off sand such as 20,000 catalogs fatal, explained “Gamboa, head of marketing and sales of databyte GmbH: the piece per catalog to about three euros for address, printing and shipping, cost of 3,000 euros damage undeliverable items only 5 percent already.” Especially the individual analysis of the right target group is one of better data, more success in addition to the quality of the data: A car dealer who brings leasing vehicles to the man, use contact data to newly appointed managers with information on the existing fleet. He can waive postal addresses from kindergarten or swimming pools but well.

A provider of office furniture, however, benefits from a promotional shipping on all currently established companies in the region, employing at least 20 employees. Push service is used more the so-called monitoring to permanently secure the quality of customer data in the customer relationship management (CRM). The monitoring service informs about relevant changes in the own customer automatically and updated daily. Prevents our push service address and structural changes in the day-to-day business to go under and adjusted data again become obsolete”, explains Peter Gierke by databyte. About databyte GmbH the databyte GmbH is a provider of a business information system, which combines a broad and deep portfolio of data with a modular online application. founded in 1998 by engineer Michael Sperl and engineer Dirk Bautzmann, the company has a dynamically growing own data pool, which is updated daily by a 12-member training team. Currently, around 35 employees work at the company headquarters in Lubeck. Further information provides contact to this message Borgmeier PR Nina King mark Rothenbaumchaussee 5 20148 Hamburg phone: 040 / 413096-29

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