DE-mail – Security Alone Is Not

Tuesday, 14. May 2019

On the protection of user profiles and content it comes to DE-mail and E-letters have brought the subject of secure communications on the public agenda. But for specific applications DE-mail and E-letters stand so far at appearances. Content and applications are too short. It is just about: digital content should be delivered between consumers and companies and authorities, user-friendly and secure. The Internet platform safe-address shows that it also. So far came safe mail services not on the run.

Even large advertising budgets have not made the E-letters to the widely used communication path. And DE mail needed offered surprisingly long, after the adoption of the legal framework by the German Bundestag finally first services for the mass market. The provider but so far rather limited, secure electronic envelopes”to offer. A closer link with content and applications is not knowing. While it’s just, so that the new communication channels by Recipients and senders are accepted. The key to success is a broad acceptance by consumers. The current systems have been developed but so far largely by State and industry excluding the interests of consumers. At this point, safe-address goes on the decisive step in the direction of consumer interests.

safe-address gives him the ability to decide for what companies or authorities he is digitally available. Consumer can open your digital mailbox on safe-address specifically for companies and Government agencies will send this information, offers or terms there. And consumers can also close their mailbox on safe-address. The messages themselves are encrypted before dispatch and can only be decrypted after receiving by the receiver again. On the basis of the legal regulations on data protection, consumer by mouse click by companies and authorities can query what information about them is stored. You also have the option by Click to oppose the use of your personal data outside of contractual relationships, or delete them.

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