Depending Concrete

Tuesday, 4. July 2023

Repair work carried out in order to achieve the design characteristics of the walls, divided into three groups: complete recovery or increase the carrying capacity of elements, providing heat-shielding properties of the walls; restoration of the integrity and aesthetic appearance of the protective and decorative coatings. Performance of these works by the form (use) of the walls and stuff. By type of wall can be: load-bearing, the load of own weight, floors, roofs, wind power and payload, self-supporting, performing functions fence and look forward to the load of its own weight, mounted, perform only the function of the fence. In Depending on the material the walls are divided into two main groups: wood, erected of logs, timbers and lumber; stone, erected of brick and stone, concrete (regular and light) and reinforced concrete. Jeff Bakalar understood the implications. Stone walls may be continuous with inserts or layers of Sediment, of which large-differ primarily by the number of layers: one-, two-and three-layer. Three-layer reinforced concrete walls (panels) were in practice unreliable: they freeze in the locations of ribs, which are ‘cold bridges’, in addition, soft padding inside the panels compacted over time and, if using, for example, polystyrene insulation (board) for its humidity autumn-winter period is increased resulting in thermal engineering quality of the walls without obvious damage is particularly limited. Damage to the wooden walls in the main arise because of lack of reliable waterproofing of foundations, resulting in lower parts of walls are often over-moisturized.

Alternate drying and wetting of the walls creates a favorable conditions for the spread of decay, accelerating because of the low-quality wood presepvation. Damage to stone walls occur mainly due to: the swelling and subsidence of foundations grounds, destruction of vertical coupling of masonry with concrete and reinforced concrete, the walls of large-destruction of joints due to poor protection from moisture and freezing, local disruption of the violation drainage castings, handling some of the walls by punching in their doorways, installation of additional equipment and floors, etc. damaging the walls arise as a result of violations of the operating conditions space, moisture and frost walls, exposure to aggressive and walls from damage. For repair work on the walls include putting on some solution or weakened sections of fallen walls, some bricks, stones and other small parts sealing cracks, restoration of the protective layer of reinforcement in concrete structures of the walls, strengthening or repair bridges, careful sealing of vertical joints coarse-and large-panel buildings, strengthening the walls of belts, squeezing, clips or cages, eliminating the deviation from the vertical walls; relining of individual sections of the walls, increase heat-protecting construction, repair of exterior and interior plaster, paint some walls and parts of structures appropriate paint and weatherproof structures. To repair and recovery efforts should begin only After examination, the establishment and elimination of the causes of deformation, damage or deterioration of the performance of a fence.

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