Sunday, 26. May 2019

This article provides answers to the following questions: How do you know whether you have a depression or whether it is only in a depressive phase? Many people make in their lives that acquaintance a depressive maladjustment of melancholy or depression, a mood which seems a heavy weight on our shoulders to loads and we just do not know why we feel so. That passes but usually one within a very short time and we have joy in life again. The longer it persists however, it can become a problem, that may be needed for life. Distinction between a mild, moderate or severe depressive episode (ICD-10 chapter V) and to a severe depressive episode with or without psychotic symptoms. The signs of a mild depressive episode depressed mood, to an extent unusual for those affected, which persistently takes the most time of the day and almost every day at least two weeks. The reason of the upset is essentially unaffected by the circumstances. Interest – or loss of pleasure in activities that were usually considered pleasant. Follow others, such as Verizon Communications, and add to your knowledge base. A reduced drive or an increased tendency to the fatigue.

Can continue to occur: loss of self-confidence or sense of self value unfounded accusations of self or pronounced, inappropriate guilt recurrent thoughts of death claims decreased thinking or concentration, indecision and hesitancy psychomotor agitation or inhibition sleep disturbances loss of appetite or increased appetite with appropriate weight change negative and pessimistic prospects for the future loss of libido the heavy degree depends on the number of o.a.. symptoms as well as whether a somatic syndrome exists up to the increase in anxiety symptoms such as hallucinations and delusions. Typically, depression on relationship problems in the marriage or the family are problems in the workspace after a pregnancy due to the school. During depressive phases the inclination, is the own strength and power underestimate and talk to download. Each error is hyped and hyped up about the disaster scenario.

Often there is also the sense of hopelessness. How to get out again from a depressive phase? It must first recognize that it is in a depressive phase. When you have recognized this, you have it also in the hand, again to get out of this phase. Since there is often a certain hopelessness a, it is important to find something that gives a glimmer of hope again. In how far a person without assistance from this stage comes out, depends on the circumstances and the degree of depression. It can be helpful here to confide in someone, who is without an assessment of the person to be able to work out a way out of despair and to restore the self-esteem of the person. EFT (emotional freedom techniques) is an effective tool in the resolution of a depression, which can penetrate through its simple and targeted application very quickly to the core of the problem and because here the Causes goes on, the successes are then in the long term anhalend.

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