Monday, 23. January 2012

I have given a real ham pata negra!. It begins well, but, how do I know that is a real pata negra?, What does it mean for you a pata negra ham?, What an Iberian ham, is he the same? br Many questions, right?. We will try to shed some light on this issue "I have to take into account to purchase quality ham? In Spain we have very, very easy. You have to set on the label, here all the information you need to know if what you are paying is in line with what you take. Apart from the appellations of origin that give us all a rich range of aromas and flavors, we have to fix primarily on three parameters: The one is clear, and is the type of Iberian products that you're wearing, ie whether is ham, shoulder, sausage, pork, sausage. The two hams and when we talk about is giving us clearer information. To be a quality ham, you have to put in this parameter "Iberico" or "Iberico puro", being of higher quality that last longer belonging to Iberian pig breed whose parents are too. And finally, the three are referring to the type of food.

Lower quality at higher (hence the price difference will increase) may be bait, bait the field, top dressing and acorn or finished in range. Finally, and to finish this article, you have to differentiate that ham quality will associated with Iberian ham and the pata negra ham may or may not Iberian. For more information you can access the Despensita on the page. You can also write a greeting Manuel.

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