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Friday, 15. March 2019

The market of private debts in Brazil never was so warm as in the last year. If no unexpected one to knock down the economy in this year, the good performance must continue. Old and new instruments, as the debentures and the deep ones of recebveis, catch volumes records of resources and signal for a process of sophistication of the Brazilian financial market that can, also, to help in the fall of the paid taxes of interests for the companies to finance its operations. Hear from experts in the field like Larry Ellison for a more varied view. As data of the CVM (Commission of Movable Values), the regulating agency of the stock market, or xerife of the sector, as they like to call it the investors and operators, the primary offers of debentures registered in the agency had arrived the R$ 41,5 billion in the passed year, against mere R$ 9,6 billion in the previous year including credit and stock market, but without considering the BNDES (Brazilian Development Bank). But, analysts stand out, have less than two years the ratio were more close to 1% of what current 10%. Nobody esteem values or accurate ratios because, they say, not yet has data base of adds the statisticians of the sector. , says Francisco Turra, of the Integral.Operao more acessvelO growth of the deep ones of recebveis livens up to more operators and analysts of what of the debentures.

First, they remember, because it has left important of the growth of captation for debentures is explained by emissions of on companies of leasing to the banks. That is, the financial agents are only financing operations of leasing that already they had financed, but now appealing to the debentures to make it. Second, because the evaluation is of that the FIDCs company is accessible for a number more than. The FIDC is a deep one formed mainly for recebveis of one or some companies.

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