EDEKA Sold Canned Tuna

Sunday, 3. March 2019

Consumer warning: EDEKA food scandal! In the fishing of the endangered yellow fin Thune processed in doses, over a thousand dolphins die each year. According to official information, dolphins at catching the available now at EDEKA tuna goods, where environmentalists and many experts speak of a far higher number of unreported cases died alone 2009 about 1300. Particularly fatal to the credibility of eco-labelling and food certification programs is that this tuna will be recommended by the WWF as ecologically safe”explains Ulrike Kirsch, Director of SAFE tuna monitoring programme of the GRD. EDEKA and WWF are complicit in the cruel by catch death of countless dolphins”. “EDEKA under the cynical motto for a transparent shop with a clear conscience ceramics products are allegedly with less by-catch and stock getting” caught”. The GRD sees this as a massive consumer deception. In truth comes from the for their ruthless pirate fishing methods relevant killer Dolphin tuna well-known company Seatech international”from Colombia. Were here and dolphins are systematically tortured and killed”, says Ulrike Kirsch.

This has nothing to do with selective fishing, as is claimed on the cans. ” The GRD strongly discourages the purchase of EDEKA–tuna of killer of the dolphin. Background information: In the tropical Eastern Pacific (ETP) tuna swarms often associated with Dolphin schools (the dolphins swim up to 150 m, including on the water surface, the swarm of tuna). A puzzling today and only in this region of the sea biological phenomenon, that exploit the fishermen, by deliberately chasing schools of dolphin and encircle. According to information of the American Earth Iceland, even dynamite to be used Institute (EII).

“The EDEKA tuna goods was according to the rules of the world largely ostracized, because Dolphin-deadly ‘, AIDCP-APICD-labels of the IATTC Fishery Commission started. According to the specifications of the IATTC Fishery Commission the dolphins should be released but by lowering the nets. “Yet several hundred dolphins perish at this fishing method every year miserably, either because they are saved in a timely manner or because after the release on the during the drive hunt” injuries die. Earlier, they let the dolphins just die in the nets. The stocks have not recovered from these massacres to date. Scientists see the reason for this is that the fishing method now applied harmful affects on fertility and health of the animals. Under the international control programme for dolphin-safe tuna/SAFE, which will be implemented worldwide by the EII and in Germany by the GRD, placing nets around dolphins is strictly prohibited. In the United States, caught may so caught tuna by law not as dolphin-friendly”will be awarded. It is”equally abstruse as scandalous that EDEKA and WWF now refer to this fishing method as one of the environmentally-friendly in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, says Ulrike Kirsch. Dolphins always accompanied me on my circumnavigations. These creatures were my friends have saved my life once. That’s why I feel a commitment to help them. I appeal to consumers through their prudent behavior, to support our efforts to save the dolphins”, calls the triple world rum sailor and founder of GRD, Rollo Gebhard. Who wants to make sure that no blood of dolphins is on its tuna, should be relatively SAFE logo or on the regularly updated consumer checklist of GRD. Ulrike Kirsch

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