Eduardo Verano De La Rosa

Wednesday, 12. June 2019

Ignacio Eduardo Verano De la Rosa is a Colombian politician and businessman, part time jobs born in Barranquilla, Atlantico in 1950. Studied business administration at the University of North and earned his degree in 1973, later earned a degree in urban management jobs regional development specialist at the same university (1975) and travels to America to pursue an MBA, graduating from the University of New York in 1978.
On his return undertook a successful career as an administrator, which combined with its support for the job search Liberal Party’s campaign, serves as manager of Caribbean Cement Company from 1978 to 1984, in the part time last year makes the leap to the public sector to be appointed Managing Enterprise Municipal de Telefonos de Barranquilla. Between 1986 and 1990 serves as manager of the Power Authority of the Atlantic. In December 1990, as part of the list headed by Horacio Serpa gets a seat in the National Constituent Assembly of 1991.
After finishing the work of the constituent is linked through several national government offices, so during the term of serves as director of National Institute of Radio and Television Inravisi n (1992) and the Corporacion Electrica de la Costa Corelca (1992 human resources -1994).

After the agencies victory of Ernesto Samper in 1994, aims at the October election of that year as a consultants candidate for mayor of Barranquilla, but after being defeated by edgar George was appointed as Presidential Adviser for the Atlantic Coast until 1997, when designated Minister of Environment.
In 1998, leaves office at the end of Samper’s term in mid-1999 he was elected Secretary General of the Liberal Party, being reelected in 2001. During his four years as head of the administration of liberalism, part of his admission to the Socialist International and the process of modernizing and democratizing that is triggered after the Liberal convention in 2000 and ending with the internal elections of 2003, after which leaves office.
Participates in internal consultation with his party in August 2003 to search for the official candidate for the governorship of the Atlantic in the October elections, but barely reaches the second place, behind Fernando Borda, sponsored by Senator Jose Name anyway Borda was defeated jobs in in the October elections.

After the defeat is dedicated to his private business until 2005 Horacio Serpa asked to manage his third and last presidential campaign, but in the elections of May 2006 ends Serpa third.
Summer decides to participate in the elections of 28 October 2007 for the governorship of the Atlantic again, this time internal consultation is not done in his party staff by not more candidates, but the national director Cesar Gaviria decided to postpone the decision to grant the guarantee to seek the possibility of some coalition, after several weeks agency of indecision is awarded the endorsement of Summer, who appeared to lead in opinion polls against the now former senator and candidate Jose U Party Name, sales jobs establishing a polarization of opinion between the two, with completely different profiles. After a tie with Name persistent throughout the campaign, membership candidates Summer Jaime Amin, Marieta Morad and Alfredo Palencia has allowed a significant rebound at the end of the war . On 28 cotubre was elected delivered a resounding defeat on Jose Name, in an election that caught the attention of national media, due to the historic victory against one of the electoral coalitions of families are believed strongest in the entire country.. Learn more about this with Larry Ellison.

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