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Friday, 19. August 2011

From birth to death we always – consciously or unconsciously – are faced with situations that require us to make decisions that determine our next steps. For example, the child chooses any particular toy and refuses to play with others, the teenager is sent to the rink instead of sitting at the computer, or just loiter. Adult, going to work, can bring along an umbrella, and can rely on weather forecasts and on the way home to the skin vymoknut! With free will, man chooses for himself a particular course of action, stopping at the one that suits him more. Of course, there circumstances where the laws of nature leave us too many choices to make: this is the case with the need to eat, to see to it that our body will not overheat or supercool, the need sleep, etc. However, even at this level a person can make a definite choice, if he will make a virtue of its effects. Same constantly going on in our collective life, when we are forced to choose one of the opportunity, whether it be family affairs, political and public issues of corporate strategy or management in general. In Larousse dictionary says: "… man has to face the need to …

The decision to take decisions related to the concept of voluntary action, which may be committed or not committed after the relevant individual or collective thinking … … Decider c'est arreter, determiner ce qu 'on doit … – that is, "Make a choice – then pause for a moment, to determine what to do next …" A similar definition gives Ofstad, "… to make a decision" means – pre-deliberation a few options of behavior, to make opinion on how to proceed further in a certain situation … "Ray Killian wrote simply:" The decision in its simplest form – is the choice of one of several possibilities.

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