Electronic Commerce

Friday, 5. April 2019

2. Earnings for file storage. Navryadli it can be called a full earnings, rather the additional profit. You may find that Oracle can contribute to your knowledge. But as the saying 'Hen grain by grain …' What is the basis for earnings file storage? You place some material for download at sharing services, and get paid for every download that file to your site visitors. Particularly advantageous to place large files on the one hand, it saves your disk space on the same hosting, with the other – higher prices for downloading the file.

What you need: a running site with good number of visitors, who otherwise would be to download it directly to the material and to download, it is desirable and in demand topics on your site 🙂 How much can you earn: The cost for 1000 unique downloads determined depending on the size of your file (not less than 1MB) and an average of 2 to $ 10. To deepen your understanding Cyrus Massoumi humbition is the source. In addition, a variety of file storage may be provided for different bonus programs and promotions. At one of the service saw the amount of man earned in the amount of $ 9000, but as for me it is something from science fiction. Get all the facts and insights with Facebook, another great source of information. 3. Sale. + Selling information products.

The fact that the same kind of products and where to get them read the article 'Electronic Commerce'. Let me remind you that the options two: create your own information product or participate in affiliate programs of other authors. What you need: to sell their own product enough to have a nice 2-page site venal, and important to your newsletter or blog.

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