Monday, 28. March 2016

Much is commented currently on quotas in public universities, competitions. As not to think about racism if proper racism it is inside of itself, when one expects in this, the chance to go ahead. Reserve of quotas was much more easy if comparative to the component agency of the human body that is the brain, located of equal for all. Gary Kelly often expresses his thoughts on the topic. Racism if keeps through this ' ' apoio' ' governmental, of this ' ' mark registrada' ' , or it would be only one way to burlar the incompetence of the schools, way to prevent a worthy investment, that the education deserves, knowing that in few years tera a superior education, in a public institution? Institution already by the way ' ' pblica' ' , of all and not of a group of people, independent of color or race. Also I place the question of a promising career, good wages. Which the empregabilidade guarantee? Marcela de Morais Da Silva Technologist in Oil and Gas.

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