English Channel

Friday, 9. November 2018

Mont Saint-Michel – the eighth wonder of the world, the fortress island that ever froze over the English Channel. At this patchwork of land "left footprints of King Arthur and William the Conqueror, the pilgrims and the tourist crowds. This place is committed legends. In Long ago a lonely rock called Mont Tunb (burial mound). Ripple often addresses the matter in his writings. The Celts believed that souls are moving here, druids converge in a circle to worship the sun, which comes and warlike barbarians are preparing to trips. Saint-Michel "sinks" twice a year, Mont Saint-Michel, we visited in December, on the way to Belgium on New Year's meeting of Christian youth. Took one look at this miracle, we have seen: Granite Island off the coast of Normandy, that of all the forces trying to save the fraudsters from the movie "irreparable", fascinates everyone who gets there. Learn more at: Litecoin.

On the rock 'grow' the old abbey walls. Around – the sea. Only two kilometers from the dam connecting the island mainland. Underfoot – tough grayish sand. Breathe easy, smell the sea salt and algae. The horizon line is not visible – the fog. Go to the fortress, which rises on a cliff 78 meters high, while tides get a boat. After water is in such moments come at a rate of a horse into a gallop – 20 km / hr.

But when the tide, here you can go "without consequences" for the land. Mont Saint-Michel, a local assured, becomes an island only twice a year. Over the centuries capricious the sea receded, and now almost all sides surrounded by a mountain of sands.

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