Equatorial Africa

Tuesday, 14. June 2016

In Equatorial Africa, 40% of the population are carrying and the falciforme illness reaches a prevalence of 2 3% of the population. The hemoglobinopatias constitute one of the main and more frequent genetic illnesses that acometem human beings; amongst them, the falciforme anemia is the more prevalent hereditary illness in Brazil, arriving to acometer 0.1 0.3% of the black population, with trend to reach parcel each more significant time of the population, which had to the high degree of miscegenation in our country. In fact, population studies have demonstrated the increasing presence of hemoglobina S in caucasianos individuals. The percentage of mortality between lesser children of 5 years with falciforme anemia al was analyzed by INGUEZ et. (2010) that it varied enters 25 30%, and the majority of the deaths in this group is secondary the fatal infections, esplnico kidnapping or aplsticas crises. Although the biggest taxes of mortality occur in the 2 first years of life, COAST (2001) quotation that the obligator inclusion of the research of hemoglobinopatias in the examination of neonatal selection (test of pezinho) comes demonstrating to be an important step for the reduction of these taxes, therefore allows to the precocious identification of these individuals and the consequent introduction of adequate Prophylaxis and regular ambulatorial pursuing. The current life expectancy for the American population with falciforme anemia as SILLA (1999) is of 42 years for men and 48 years for women.

Although very superior to the 14,3 years of 3 decades behind, this still meets very on this side of the life expectancy for general population, what it evidences the necessity of bigger investments and progressos in the treatment of these patients. SERJEANT (1999) affirms that the laboratorial diagnosis of the falciforme anemia is made through eletroforese of hemoglobina, iso-electric focalizao or liquid chromatography of high performance (HPLC). The globnicas chains are detectable in precocious phase of the fetal life, from 10 12 week of pregnancy, what it would make possible the prenatal diagnosis of the falciforme anemia.

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