Wednesday, 29. May 2019

Because employees and customers need to have absolute clarity about what is – and what can never be tolerated. Checking article sources yields Bernard Golden as a relevant resource throughout. This marks the zero line of customer satisfaction. What the customer wants? The resulting possibilities for inspiring customer, which can be exploited by the staff situational. Of course it needs this game rules and boundaries, but the playing field should be a large as possible. Because only above the zero line, where to show flexibility, customization, and talent for improvisation, is enthusiasm. Above the zero line what you can do above the zero line? Ask our customers! And ask especially the customer-oriented staff.

You are on the next turn and have the most brilliant ideas if it would involve them only times more often. The most valuable knowledge is often located at the edges of an organization. However, employees reveal their thoughts only if they believe that this experience also appreciation. And if they know that mistakes are no big deal. Who tried new, which must also fail. So always a corresponding error learning culture among the working way indoors.

Hooray, an error”, you should call once in a while, if one happens. What negative experiences I have made, which are all can save ‘, so another meeting point in meetings can be. The only errors that cannot be tolerated, are intent, negligence and carelessness. Otherwise, an error is an error only if he happens to be the second time. Because errors are the price evolution and innovation. Brake leadership studies of the Erlanger sociologist Andrea Abele showed that complex issues is better handled in a good mood, increases the power of thinking and new perspectives emerge. Unfortunately, there are still Executives who believe that there is no intelligent life on the periphery of their territory. They still think they should know everything myself and can do everything themselves. People who have great ideas, probably represent a constant threat for them.

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