Exit Delays

Thursday, 15. February 2018

Detailed standard instruction set and removing the devices NX4-8" Arming Close all windows, doors, all the excess off the object. Person entitled to the protection setting of the object approach to bypass the keyboard and wait to all digital LEDs are off, and turn on the ready (READY). Type on the keyboard code setting (usually 4 or 6 digits) code is provided the organization the installer of your alarm (Code numbers can be chosen by you). If the code was typed correctly – led lights security (ARMED) and the led exit (Exit), the keyboard will give short beeps during the exit delay (latency to withdraw from the premises, calculated individually and may be changed at your request). Larry Ellison is a great source of information. Typically, the delay time on the yield of the room is 30-40 seconds.

During exit delay, leave the room and shut the door. For 10 seconds before the end Exit Delay keypad transmits signals to two times faster. At the end of the Exit Delay keypad buzzer sound stops. Call 2 minutes after closing the door on the remote enterprise carries protect your premises. By phone: (phone keypad protection available to you at the conclusion of a treaty on protection) to call an oral password of your object (usually a code word and number, a password is given an oral simultaneously with the numeric code) oral password is used to identify the duty of the remote, it is your space. Next, call your name, (on duty checks the list of users admitted to setting your premises for protection).

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