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Wednesday, 9. January 2019

To emphasize in the matter of publicity is not easy task for the companies, if we consider the avalanche of messages against which the public must fight on a daily basis. In A Extra we know that the marks are not single in the market and, for that reason, our strategies connect with the clients through experiences unforgettable and significant cradles in the phase to phase. the events today are fundamental for a good plan of communication assures Diego Olmedilla, chief of a main directorate of A Field Extra Marketing, until the point of which stops some marks suppose surroundings to 30% of its budget in communication. Thus, is more and more the marks that are ligatures, for example, to sport events or that generate their own event sport. This means that it marks no longer only is united to certain events, but the event in himself can be your mass media, affirms Diego Olmedilla. For that reason the traditional fairs no longer are the event in themselves, but they constitute the context in which other more concrete private experiences are framed, with the purpose of to arrive at target specific, to create a mark experience and to reinforce the relations with its better clients. Against the static thing of the fair, road is placed show, that has become one of the most popular tools vacacionales periods, since they move there where they are the clients.

TO EXTRA it is an Agency of focused Field Marketing to take care of the needs of communication and image of the companies. Formed by a young and highly qualified equipment, it bases his work on the personalisation of each company and client. The Objective of A EXTRA is to make of field marketing a tool of communication that is in charge to transmit the messages of the marks expensive to face, that is to say, through people, to the consumers in the channel or point of sale of remote sale like the tele-marketing. Our profiles have covered actions with marketing that go from the commercial audit to events, launchings of products or action in public thoroughfare with the purpose of to reinforce, to stimulate and to foment the sales of our clients. Original author and source of the article.

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