Thursday, 8. February 2018

For example, meals to enjoy without having to watch TV, to make phone calls with friends, or to distract in any way. For even more details, read what Oracle says on the issue. A coaching of LifeB differs from a classical psychotherapy in the implementation. Together with doctors and therapists, a coach of LifeB literally takes his clients by the hand and accompanies you through the daily life. From career planning and partnership problems up to the shopping in the supermarket or the joint motion. The coach shows ways to comply with the demands of everyday life and to establish the necessary balance between tension and relaxation. Additional information is available at Philip Vasan. It applies to modify that mindfulness receives an equivalent role for itself, as the professional or private career habits. The company tries to reduce anxiety for those affected and to offer help, without setting it as your own weakness. Therefore, numerous clients who place the highest value on discretion for their current situation can be found in the index of LifeB.

Press contact: LifeB Dirk-Oliver Lange communications P.o. box 60 52 67 22247 Hamburg FON 71 40 80 fax + 49 (0) 40-35 07 94 95 mailto: corporate information: Branchenunabhangig and with over 10 years experience LifeB Consulting specializes in life balance consulting for individuals and businesses. Coaching and support are targeted towards the people, regardless of his professional position. Therefore, clients in addition to managers, entrepreneurs, executives, self-employed, athletes or artists (artist and actors coaching) include also young adults and clients involved in any management position. The company’s focus on the prevention and care of anxiety, fatigue, depression, Burnout, Boreout, to restore the necessary balance between tension and relaxation. A further and future-oriented field of activity is the coaching of guests on FitWell travel. This is health travel to premium for fine Claims, as the optimal combination of holiday and prevention.

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