Focus Skills Shortage

Friday, 26. December 2014

Community Manager Mr Dr. Jorg Kapoor of refers to position in the IT radar focus skills shortage Community Manager Mr Dr. Jorg Kapoor of will continue to position the issue of shortage of heard now in the IT radar at the most talked-about topics and was almost the daily bread. On this subject Mr Dr. Jorg Klukas and Prof.

Dr. Axel Plunnecke spoke in an IT radar interview Mr. Vincent Wolff-Martin and Andreas Hein corner Community Manager. A very interesting interview discussed from 2 angles: Mr. Dr. Jorg Klukas represented here the entrepreneurial vision of his pludoni GmbH and Mr.

Prof. Dr. Plunnecke from the perspective of research knowledge. See the IT radar, a service of the University of Duisburg-Essen & Leipzig, an article on this subject, we of course do not want to deprive you: skills shortage – part I the issue of shortage of skilled labour is currently much and controversial. Especially the MINT-areas – which are based on mathematics, informatics as well as the natural and technical sciences- are affected. Candidates are hard to find for businesses, especially if companies not in urban metropolitan areas are established. It is even more difficult for highly specialized companies that deal with search engine technologies such as. Usually, these companies are little known to fight because consumers not directly in contact with them and have therefore with a certain invisibility on the labour market. In addition, the much-cited demographic and educational aspects contribute to the shortage. In the first part of IT-radar interviews on this topic Vincent Wolff Marting and Andreas Hamdan discussed with Dr. Jorg Klukas and Prof. Dr. Axel Plunnecke exactly these aspects. While Dr. Klukas from entrepreneurial side on the issue look, Prof. Dr. Plunnecke contributes relevant research findings to the conversation. Shows, inter alia, that very first approaches and ideas exist to deal with the shortage.

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