French Revolution

Thursday, 14. April 2016

In this perspective, the iluministas thinkers nailed the emancipation of the men in society to leave of the conscientious use of the proper reason. They said, of itself same, that they brought the lights against the darknesses of the ignorance, the religious dogmas and the privileges to the absolutism already in decay, that wanted to become clear the things of the world which they were obscure, without clarity. In the historiografia, the Voltaire philosopher (1694-1778) called to the attention for the necessity of a History that exceeds the chronicles of powerful kings and, defended a explicativa history and not narrative. This new History, is based on the cientificidade, therefore the historian gains new paper only leaves of being narrative of events and facts, start to be detective, investigate from the facts, accepted or refuse interpretations already existing, harvest depositions and arrive the conclusion. In this search for the truth it is that we can perceive how much science and History meet interrelated, in this process of construction and transformation of thought. It was the historical thought enters the emergency of the Iluminismo, the ideological base for Bourgeois revolutions (Industrial Revolution and French Revolution), which characterized for an optimism generalized on the potentialities human beings to reach the general happiness. For the thinkers of the illustration, it was possible that the progress and the collective development of the societies were obtained with social reforms.

The thought on History folloied this optimism. With better methods and techniques of research, folloied of a belief of that it was possible to understand the direction of the social phenomena throughout the times, one imagined that it would be possible to understand the logic of the human events. The French Revolution, synthesis of this collective effort of transformation, far from being a harmonious reform, at the same time where it despertou and it popularized the taste for history, was responsible for irretrievable destructions of documents and works of art related to the Old Regimen (It hisses, 2001).

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