German Care

Monday, 11. March 2019

Get to know successful projects by imatics with the renowned epilepsy Centre Mara of Evangelical hospital Bielefeld, as well as a solution for the administration of day care facilities. On conhIT 2010 imatics Software GmbH caused a minor sensation with an app for the history in the field of care for the elderly according to the Monika Krohwinkel AEDL structure model. The app was introduced iPad the single on one – iPad at the whole show because at the time this was not available yet on the German market. Imatics 2011 presented to conhIT scenarios with the iPad at the patient’s bedside and first Web-based health solutions. At the conhIT 2012 an electronic patient record and a beds MRP system from successful projects with renowned epilepsy Centre Mara of Evangelical hospital Bielefeld, as well as a solution for the management and settlement of day care facilities presents imatics. The imatics Software GmbH welcomes you to conhIT 2012 in Hall 1.2, booth D116. Electronic patient record EPIC health takes over the electronic patient record administrative tasks of the patient admission to documentation of the treatment process with appropriate evaluations with the emphasis on a continuous, phase-oriented operation, as they are in the care of epilepsy patients in neurology, found the Struma and other areas is. The present documentation of the course of the disease and the research conducted to date are the basis for any treatment of a patient.

These data include not only text documentation and measured values. Rather, it is structured diagnoses, as well as the integration of laboratory values, images, and other documents. The direct availability of all relevant treatment information offers many benefits: historical data are available and thus duplicate assessments and investigations are prevented. The attending personnel has a better information base for decision-making through reports and possible causes for diseases can be detected more quickly.

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