Great Cafeicultores Brazil

Friday, 25. March 2016

It is time to wake up, therefore inertia makes of the human being, a massivo, seized being. We live in a State that it looks to assure an identity, that already is in the past one of ' ' Gentlemen of Engenho' ' , or in the Old Republic, of ' ' Great Cafeicultores' '. Old republic, is there, beauty alias, that calhava mui to our extempornea society well. The past serves and transveste in the soul of the souvenir to be relembrado, in order to extract scholars teachings. It must be argued that we live deeply the new, still more, when if New Brazil is applauding, that is born of the flaming letters of the Constituent of 1988, that it signals the yearnings of the coming society well: plrima, exempts and democratic. The march must be toada to the front, the progress is made solid with investments; it is necessary to invest in new governing and legislators.

To invest requires the accurate mention of the risks and fruits that will happen, for this, only with the politicalization, haurida in the critical sense, we will effectively obtain to grow. The tears run when seeing itself wasted quo great contingent human being, who no nation will see, deriving of the miscegenation, and classrooms that dream in tomorrow. However, believers who this tomorrow will only become reality with the ascension the power of right men, with brio, whom they believe in the importance of its mission, of formadores of opinion, of symbols, that fight against the inaqualities in its infinite forms. The reason, and the call, becomes of motto to this iderio, invokes the presence of justice, with its impartial vision, but with limpid and briosos, tendenciosos ears to listen to the tranquility, and feeling of waking up of new Brazil.

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