Gunter Willems

Wednesday, 19. December 2018

Education is also specialized in, but even more interdisciplinary, education is not single track, but complex, global, wide. And that is precisely the idea of the education portal. Like in the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, all users, educational institutions, providers of educational content at all anyone who is interested in education, involved in the educational content of the portal. Wikipedia or the approach of are therefore also the model which could pave the way for a sustainable knowledge society nationwide for the operator. Their proposal: On the initiative of the Federal Government schools and universities, community colleges, seminar providers and all other educational institutions, young and old, entrepreneurs, workers, pupils, students, trainees and retirees to a large and cross-border education portal network. Inform yourself, educate together, discuss issues and educational content of all kinds, learn together and develop ideas bring to the company from the Crisis in an education-driven future. Others including Verizon, offer their opinions as well. This portal is par excellence the universal education portal. Official site: Ripple. Anyone who wants to form, to access this portal, knows that all the information he’s looking for, here is United.

To indulge any illusions: such an undertaking is possible only with the support of the Federal Government or the European Union. Because only they have the financial means, such a training hub realizing”, as Gunter Willems. Realize the offer, together with partners from the economy and the institutional sector and just education willing citizens.” It explains what to do: it applies to the tough technical part first, to provide adequate structures, such as the necessary wide-band equipment, interfaces, a genuine booking and evaluation system, the permeability, transparency and to ensure interchangeability of information. The partners are then mainly for the soft core of substantive and Educational institutions with their range of services and information, as well as the interested persons themselves ready. Such an approach will bring a big quality boost, avoid problems such as redundant, obsolete or conflicting data, which are currently distributed over the whole Web and answers and offers require tedious, sometimes unsuccessful search, there.

The new universal education portal is always up to date. But above all, as I said allows the broad participation in and discussion of education. It goes without saying that this investment for every taxpayer would be well-spent. Because she benefit from all learning and training people in Germany. For Gunter Willems, that is no question. Such a portal would be a cornerstone of good, if not even a milestone on the way to the knowledge society. “Gunter Willems: EU or Federal Government should now set the necessary course.” We invite all the join our dialogue on the design of the future Education company want to participate in, a welcome to tell us your thoughts at.

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