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Saturday, 19. April 2014

Medium-sized companies praise Germany; “Mood significantly better a fast readjustment for mid-market request financing experts currently in the context of the implementation of current banks lending standards better known under the keyword Basel III. If banks for a premium middle-class credit must hold more capital than for bonds, everyone can calculate how little attractive business with corporate loans for banks will be in the future”, warns Professor Hans Jorg Schmidt-Trenz as Chief Executive of the Chambers of Commerce. That is not only more expensive, but in many cases unaffordable financing for German medium-sized companies. As that of the German medium-sized companies has clearly expanded its equity position in recent years and thus significantly better not also helps. Many experts, such as Michael Hollenbach as Director of the Swiss SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG) request therefore customized”solutions. It may however not be that the entrepreneur credit for this reason fails because it is too expensive in terms of refinancing in comparison to other investments, which can make the banks in Germany,”thinks the head of SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG).

He emphasizes this, economic growth and financial viability in direct dependence. The mood among German SMEs is good, according to Creditreform outright record just currently. Well, half of the companies surveyed described the current business situation as very good or good, only a few feel the market situation as poor”. This mood has improved significantly with the previous year. In 2010, only slightly more than a third of respondents were similarly optimistic. Chief Executive Officer Professor Hans Jorg Schmidt-Trenz also confirmed an increase in new of projects as well as a recognizable sales increase.

For comparison, can currently about one-third of all medium-sized companies point to a clear increase in sales, there were only 19.4 percent in the spring of 2010. At the same time, the proportion of companies decreased clearly, who complain about sales. An interesting positive market development should not over it fool, that the financial situation is still very tense”, says Hollenbach, the Director of SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG). The Chief of the Chambers of Commerce in Germany is of the same opinion. It was obvious that the banks could take a significant influence on, continues the economy cracked on now or you just would shut off the air. The SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG) has it on the financing of economically attractive projects and specialized companies in growth phases and iterates through all phases of development with their management. The examination on feasibility on the basis of the existing business plan, necessary additional documents, as well as in the form of intensive discussions. Our main focus is in the area of OTC enterprises, which have generally more trouble refinancing, although to the Growth drivers in Germany include”, explains Director Hollenbach of SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG). Independent surveys confirm that there are not only the medium-sized enterprises, which represent the backbone of the German economy and thus the prosperity of the population, there are, which create the most jobs at the same time. That Germany can draw on in addition the full, regards the innovativeness, it also owes the smaller and medium-sized enterprises. Germany would be without the resourceful smaller companies long ago not there, where it stands today”, Director Hollenbach know of SAM Management Group AG (SAM AG).

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