House Project: From Sketch To Implementation

Friday, 4. November 2011

House in the country – is a great opportunity to spend time in a place with beautiful environment, in peace and in harmony with nature. Country Housing is very popular – many want to realize their dream and to build cozy cottage that meets current requirements. When deciding to begin construction, each represents what the house – with or without a loft, with balcony, large living room, whether he will appear in the image of a modern brick structure or traditional wood. These and other requests should be embodied in the draft. And here we must make a decision – whether to buy ready-made house designs or to turn to the architect who creates the author's version. Stopping choose the first option, you must know that the standard projects of country houses are only a small, small change. Every change in the drawings necessarily affect and shape of a cottage, and his interroom planning.

Trying to buy an inexpensive project with the desire to follow the changes will lead to a decent waste of money because most likely have to undertake design work from scratch. Choosing a project an individual can be convinced that all ideas will be considered. Preceding the visit to the architect will need to develop a topographic site plan, conduct geological surveys. Also need to get permission to build town houses, prepare basic requirements for style, layout. Get all the information architect will develop designs that meet specification. Customer given a choice of two or three sketches.

Once one has been approved, work begins on the engineering and constructive part. The purpose of the designer – to make critical drawings floors, basement, roof system and another. Engineers will make drawings of systems for gas or water heating, water supply, ventilation and rest. Based on the above estimates will be prepared, from which it becomes clear how much it would cost the cottage. C On the one hand, the services of the architect is no longer needed, but the desired result would be nice to use such a service as supervision of project implementation. Construction of houses, cottages on attention project developers will maintain a more efficient and agile. Usually, during the operation of the brigade there are any questions about the draft, and if they will not be answered, then realized no more than 60% conceived. That is done all will be "How to". Compiled by qualified project oversight will be binding guarantee that the cottage as a result will be what it was designed!

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