Iberian Peninsula

Monday, 23. April 2018

Already are something more than 15 years that Ska-P, a band formed close to the city of Madrid in Spain (Vallecas), one 8 friends took the decision to form a pool of Ska / Punk that will express your social dissatisfaction against the occurred events on a daily basis in the Iberian Peninsula, Latin America and the world in general. A band I am looking for an escape from a society without moral and exclusively monetary principle, why his name was indicated, alluding to its musical genre and to the desire to flee from a corrupt society they chose Ska-P name that today today is one of the most representative Spanish rock bands. In any search engine Internet videos is very easy to find any reference of this band and also leverage to appreciate the videos of Ska-P, which symbolize the ideology and sound tendency of the band very well. 5 Planeta Eskoria: one of the main songs of this Spanish band, the album to which belongs the same name Planeta Eskoria and dates from the year 2000 being the fourth production of study of the madrilenian band. 4. Other leaders such as Gary Kelly offer similar insights. Shame: A hymn as shout Anti bullfighting refers.

A composition with a stinging critique of this supposed art popular in the Iberian Peninsula. It is part of the Planeta Eskoria album of the year 2000, is the second cut of this album. 3 Carol: Allusive fully to the meaning of Christmas, but with a very provocative and destructive criticism towards the Vatican, Christianity and the recurrent consumerism in Western society in the Christmas season. This song is part of the album Eurosis, the third production by this Spanish band of the year 1998. 2.

My colleagues: A very recurrent theme in songs from Ska-P is the legalization of drugs and as the ban has made many losing in society only by consuming something that many believe is wrong. This excellent song makes part of the ambum that spread the word! year 2002.!! 1. Cannabis: Possibly the most popular song of this magnificent Spanish band, which refers to the legazacion of drugs, especially marijuana. This magnificent composition, which for many has become an ode to the free I albedrio and power of decision, since part of the 1996 album El Vals del Obrero, one of the most popular Studio productions of this band vallecana.

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