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Wednesday, 19. March 2014

Fund concept offers continuous distributions and attractive profit opportunities through the allocation of mezzanine capital to mid-sized companies in Wiesbaden, 29.09.2011. After its successful launch in Germany, the Wiesbaden underwriter Inca launches invest in Austria as well and has an official permission from the competent authority caught up with this is according to the capital market law in the neighbouring country of Austria. We follow this desire and demand by business partners, may be even across the United Kingdom”, says Tamer Zincidi, responsible management within the group for sales questions. The Inca INVEST mezzanine GmbH & co. has specialized in KG on the targeted selection of companies in growth situations and mezzanine capital in the form of, for example, from typical offers these companies investments or participating loans to breastfeed. Of the planned total of EUR 30 million equity participation will Inca raise here in Austria four million.

We want us the local market conditions as a young company in the field of investment appropriate approach”, explains Zincidi. A participation is possible as a one time investment from a drawing sum of 2,500 euros plus five per cent premium. The runtime is encouragingly short seven years up to the 31.12.2018. A total a total return is to be achieved at this time based on my initial investment without agio by 150 percent. The investment rate is about 90 percent without the premium. During this period, Inca wants to participate in up to 20 small and medium-sized companies with investment sizes between 0.25 and EUR 5 million per investment. The distribution model unusual for such investments is interesting. So investors on the paid deposit (excluding premiums) from the first year will receive distributions by six percent annually after taxes.

Total it envisages the Fund concept, with the exception of current remuneration, as long as the managing limited partner exclusively all profits to investors to come out until they have received their paid a deposit (excluding premiums) and all Vorabausschuttungen accumulated over the years. Until then, management and investors projecting profits share in the ratio of 20:80 so clearly for the benefit of the investors. A target company after the decision by management and Advisory Board to fund launch in Austria already is clear: it is the project of DNP printing-Sony, which become the market leader in the installation of photo kiosks and photo terminals in German-speaking countries due to certain acquisitions. This business area has a rapidly growing market. The Inca Fund provides a portion of its capital of Admiral Beteiligungsverwaltungs AG in and benefited from the fact that such customers – is so far mostly agree with Admiral drugstores – contractual minimum quantities of consumable materials. This creates the actual profit. The exciting thing here is: the Admiral Beteiligungsverwaltungs AG is also refinanced over a Europe-wide approved bond (WKN A1EWR6, ISIN DE000A1EWR69), which dates back to the same House. Benefit investors of the Inca INVEST mezzanine GmbH & co. KG so not only by a broad spread in different target investments, but also by the fact that their funding on the part of specialists from Wiesbaden was also stopped on several legs. It provides investment security while continuing to leverage the opportunities that are available without a doubt selected medium-sized companies. For more information,

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