Individual Travel

Monday, 27. May 2019

Karima Walter offers more than spirituelle Lebensberatung Aswan (Egypt). Currently attracts many Central Europeans in the ancient Egypt, notes Karima Walter.I’m helping to find them, what they are looking for: spiritual counseling, coupled with an individual travel to those places that can take my guests as their place of power. The Germans, who decided seven years ago to her new life the Egyptian Aswan popularity growing up with their compatriots who want to discover two things: the ancient Egypt. Or her new spiritual self that has found himself and his true life’s work in Karima Walters light Centre. Mostly Karima Walters guests want both preferably at the same time. Read additional details here: Verizon Communications.

But if you are looking for the place of power or the individual journey through the ancient Egypt they want it as relaxed, as individual, as far as possible without being disturbed. And she’s getting at Karima Walter: spiritual counseling, the fulfilling place of power and to the ancient Egypt, presented on a memorable individual travel. Aswan: new life, old power spot the native Kolnerin stands for spiritual counselling with heart and soul and is connected to the land along the Nile with skin and hair: “since my childhood, I felt that I have psychic gifts and can see into the soul of others. , The consultant tells she have maintained these spiritual abilities for her entire life. At some point she have the consequences drawn, that her former life as a lawyer Assistant doesn’t fit their true purpose: Burns in me an immense love for my fellow human beings and to what is known as the ancient Egypt. I followed this heart reputation finally more than a decade ago. For this spiritual life advice I let go everything, which was incompatible with my own. ” “Surprisingly easy”it fell her, 2004 to develop new roots in the land of the Pharaohs.

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