Industrial Policy

Wednesday, 13. July 2016

FTIMS Institute of NASU, Kiev, more than thirty years perfecting in this business "brand" specialization equipment was designed and launched a number of sites in Russia, raised and introduced such equipment in Poland and Vietnam, the last large object – a workshop for 400 tons / month in Dnepropetrovsk. Comes standard equipment for factories Casting 100 – 5000 tons / year, with varying degrees of mechanization. Calculations show that the foundry complexes of this equipment for the LGM only in the factories of of Ukraine will allow for installation on their refurbished foundry enterprises to establish production facilities with a total production of castings of over 150 thousand tons / year, in particular, castings for cars – tractors, machinery for agriculture, oil and gas industry, valves, pump engineering and military equipment. At the pilot plant in Kiev FTIMS pour ferrous and nonferrous metals weighing 0,1-1500 kg, work out the technology and tooling for new plants, design equipment, which provide foundry enterprises under key. Performed commissioning the full range of equipment supplied and implementation of technology in the shop of the customer. Manufacture of molds for the models often perform accurate casting.

Particularly large savings obtained by complex castings from the casting wear-resistant steel (screws for brick-making machines, beat, hammer mills and details), since greatly reduced the cost of machining. Pour without restrictions on the configuration design wheels stars, housing, plumbing, heads and cylinder blocks gasoline and diesel engines, art castings, etc. Capital costs for the organization of production are reduced by 2-2.5 times as well as the deadlines for putting it into operation.

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