Industrial Revolution

Monday, 18. June 2012

Introduction Brazil assays approach with the European Union makes time. It is urgent to analyze the question with the attention that it deserves, after all of accounts the divulged business-oriented possibilities frequently for the media in general seem me a little maken a mistake. Chances exist, however, of the raw realism of the facts, are extracted that these chances are favorable to the European Community, but not to Brazil. It has a relation of old international trade, that in sends to the black times of the settling and the irrational land exploration to them others, already very busy. By the way, the capitalism at this time constructs to the bases of its sustenance and development.

These bases, solids, are supported in two aspects: the first one, for the use of natural resources and human at low prices; as, for the formation of consumption markets without what the expansion of the process would not be possible. These two aspects, inequivocadamente are kept until the current times. It is verified that in elapsing of this phase of construction of the capitalism, the rich countries, to the measure that if fixed in the colonies, also went establishing new standards of production and consumption and, clearly, new partner-economic standards. Especially in the industrialization phase, Industrial Revolution, century XVIII, has a common phenomenon e, at the same time, cruel: of people for it are and merchandises for inside. All economy passes for this phase. When the artisan production, to the few, is abandoned to give to place the mechanized processes of production, the unemployment is inevitable especially because this mechanization will also go to occur in the agricultural production. Then, the unemployment occurs in the centers urbanizados and the field. When the displacement of people of the field if of the one in direction to the urban centers to the job search, the mass of unemployeds becomes colossal – Liverpool, in England, was a chaos.

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