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Friday, 9. September 2011

There are three main classes: the rich (VIP) -5%, middle class, 70%, 25% of municipalities, with a ‘municipal’ means a category of people living in homes with small cascading adjacent plot of land, mainly for the operation of the settlement (for example, doctors, teachers, technicians, etc.). The existence of such categories of people as municipal will ‘revive’ a settlement – will work infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, health, sports and leisure facilities, services, housing and subsistence, etc., eliminating the need to deliver outside relevant personnel. RICH (VIP) and the middle class will deal with its core business because the distance to 30km (15-20 minutes by car), Cellular Communications, Bank, Internet, allows us to solve any problem without leaving the limits’ Ural settlement. ” 3.Vsya settlement infrastructure linked through a local data-processing network, which operates on the principle of local Internet network that will affect the livelihoods of each element of the infrastructure, and residents of the settlement provide superkomfortnoe residence. With this system running in real time, disappear from such defects as lack of timely resource payments.

Instant tracking and troubleshooting of networks and systems, the settlement will save resources and much more. 4. To ensure the sustainable development of tribal villages’ Ural settlement “provided sufficient unit of social programs and formed ‘growth point’: Relax center with specialized park and hotel, sports center with ski (technical) track and camping, public and trade center with open leisure platforms, Industrial Zone (industrial park) with a “flexible” tunable technology, a unique school, children’s recreational centers, branch banks with electronic payment of all services in real time, Information Technology Centre with the local network settlement Innovation – an intellectual center, “green” business offices, Temple, Administrative block, Liaison Office, parking lots, service station, gas station, service security, fire protection and much more. 5. Individual houses also have a gradation in size (from 150 to 450 m2) that will generate sufficient kontengent city-forming frame and close all the social niches. Housing construction and social – Adapted: open to all forms of participation of full funding to ‘samostroya’ 6.

“Ural-sloboda’ small pole of sustainable development in future will be an open air museum, center of new building developments, social, legal, city-forming, information and other technologies. But ultimately the project ‘Ural settlement’ contribute to the sound development of new territories, abandoned Populated areas, and as a consequence – CONSERVATION nation’s gene pool, demography and human reproduction FUTURE. Based on the foregoing settlement is proposed to use the ‘Ural settlement’ as a social EXPERIMENT supported by the Ministry of Construction and the Sverdlovsk region of relevant agencies, as a testing ground – an open air museum, a settlement – a model for testing and generation of design principles, Construction on the latest technologies and social functioning – adapted, stable, ‘smart’ settlement of building a mentality among the younger generation, developments and implementation of social programs for all segments of the population. The ‘Tribal village’ settlement”Ural awarded two medals and 27 diplomas. Published a series of articles on low-rise building on a small pole sustainable development ‘Ural settlement ‘. Developed and published recommendations for the construction of similar settlements with nauchnoobosnovannymi parameters in order to save money and time resources of investors.

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