International Living Magazine

Monday, 29. September 2014

Unlike other countries in Central America and even from different Nations South Americans, this delightful Republic has managed to maintain a financial system that has the US dollar as its currency base and this undoubtedly mark a path of stability, a safe path for those who decide to live in Panama. Many citizens of the United States and even Canada in addition to hundreds of Europeans have already chosen its resting place, place of summer resort on the shores of the Caribbean to the North or in the Great Ocean Pacific that bathes the South of the country and the majority finally concluded that living in Panama more than a good business is a choice of life. Either as a second home or as a cost-effective investment the acquisition of real estate in the Republic of Panama seduces every year more people within which are those who have decided to retire from the labour or commercial activity and are in retirement plans. But also and just that is, many people had decided to move to live in Panama with their young children to provide them with the opportunity to grow in a natural and safe environment while they carry out their activities in one of the most powerful financial centers from across America. Finally, the very favorable cost of living by monetary balance, the advantages of a tax regime that provides many benefits to investors and a very good health system with different pathologies care centres and some of the best options in physical rehabilitation clinics points when deciding to live in Panama. The prestigious International Living Magazine highlights excellent options for the purchase of apartments in the same Panama City are available for values lower than $100 thousand and that can be a very good standard of living with $1500 a month which undoubtedly shows us an attractive panorama with views to come to live in Panama. It is to think about again and again.

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