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Tuesday, 12. November 2019

The children never are too young to learn to save and to invest the money wisely. In fact, there are many ways so that the children save and learn to construct their way to the prosperity once they reach the adult age. One of the most popular ways to teach to save your children always has been to give a small quota them of money. The parents must encourage to their children to save part of this quota, and to incorporate in them the importance of saving money for a greater goal. To also give to the example aid, since the children tend to imitate the form in which their parents act with the money.

If this does not work, are some tricks that can be used to teach to the children like saving money. For example, some parents of family abren an account of savings for their children, they animate and them to put money every month. Whenever the children make a deposit, the parents can do an equal deposit to them of money to their account. This way, a boy who is saving 10 dollars (USD) would be in fact receiving $ 20 USD in his account. This by itself often it is a sufficient incentive so that the children increase their savings. By the same author: Cyrus Zocdoc. Other forms so that the children concentrate in saving the money are to help them to make money, so that the children can learn the importance of the money hard gained. This can be done ” pagandoles” to them to make the tasks of the house instead of provide a quota to them like previously mentioned.

Either, to animate them to assume additional tasks during the summer, a job even can be or for the children majors. One of the best ways to teach to the children to save is the investment. The children majors of 12 are very intelligent, and can be taught about the runners, the investments and the yield in the long term. The types of investment funds of variable rent are a good option, since they are easier to understand, and is a good option to give the young advice to realise an investment. There are many ways so that the children to learn to save money, and in last instance, which works for its children, he is the correct form. The important thing is to begin from early and encouraging to the children to save and to invest money regularly, so that they can learn the value of the saving and the investment.

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