Invisible Island

Friday, 3. February 2012

There is a wonderful Sicilian volcano Mount Etna, which is not only the largest in Europe, but also continues to act, spewing lava flows every couple of months. In general, the volcano is famous for its "conquest": Several times he swung Catania, standing at the foot of the lava, not to mention the numerous towns and villages located on the slopes. However, today it goes about the devastation, but rather about the creation of Etna. And it must namely the creation of the eruption and subsequent earthquakes volcano. There is one very interesting and unusual view of Mount Etna eruption: Italian seismologist E. Bosky after long observation of the volcano reported that close to Sicily can "float" long sunken island, which had actually coexisted with Etna, and some 170 years ago, plunged back into the sea. In general, this island of Atlantis was observed for the "floating" a few times in the history of Sicily: the first time – in 264 bc Then island-satellite showed the upper part of his volcano (the island itself, volcanic).

Since then, a mysterious island has appeared at least another 4 times. His last "breath" he made in 1831, and "sigh" that led to unexpected consequences: this tiddly piece of land suddenly began to claim Spain, uk and of course, Sicily. Things came to this diplomatic conflict between these countries. However, apparently, the island has not made all this commotion and decided to return to the bosom of the sea, once again plunged into the water. The conflict was thus settled. No land – there is no dispute. As for our time, now it is separated from water surface of 6 meters, and the island itself is located approximately 30 km. on the southern coast of Sicily. But the Italians, more sitsiliantsy, remembering prepiraniyah over ownership of the land, had already hoisted the water Italian flag at the volcano's crater – so nobody has an incentive to encroach on the endangered island.

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