Jan Poerschke

Monday, 18. March 2019

An incredibly strange feeling absolutely nothing more to see. No matter how far man jerked his eyes up, you saw nothing. Fortunately, our guide, was standing behind the door the since his birth is blind and led us through the various rooms. Especially the beginning thought of particularly difficult. The communication with the other students facilitated n but started very and with the help of our blind stocks one could feel well all obstacles with a little skill. Now we went through several rooms that all were different from their structure. In every room, you had to deal with new obstacles.

For example, in the first RAM cross steps. There you can be of course wonderful with the cane unterBeweis. Also a market place waiting for us also. Yet not even slightly assails me during daylight hours to cross, that then was not just a Sunday stroll in the dark can you Yes imagine without prejudice to a weekly market. Lastly, the boat ride was on the agenda. A very special experience. A simulated tour of the harbour in the middle of the nothing. Must you’ve done.

After about an hour, the tour was over and everyone was obviously relieved at last Daylight to see. Finally, it is to say that each participant has the luck to see again after about an hour. Unfortunately, not everyone has this luck. In Germany, there are about 155000 blind people and almost half a million visually-impaired, which do not have the option to walk out of a room and see everything again. Dialogue in the dark offers each for an hour to see the world from the eyes of a blind and to look again at the end. Jan Poerschke

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