Jersey Frame By Nielsen With Its Own Video

Sunday, 30. June 2019

The special frame for jerseys from Nielsen is now presented in an own video clip. “Who has pinned his jerseys on the wall, the images and the invitation cards, the wedding also, who is with the Jersey frame Nielsen FrameBox ‘ find a successful alternative to the framework of jerseys or objects. A new video clip explains how to use the special frame Nielsen. As a world leader in aluminum framing is Nielsen Bainbridge not only connoisseurs of the industry a term. Craft meets appealing design products from the home of Nielsen.

With the Nielsen Jersey frame the company has created a framework, with which their own jerseys or T-Shirts Stylishly framed can be. For many customers, the many advantages of such a object framework not at first glance are shown. Remedy is the new video. With the picture frame for jerseys, a picture frame at the Center, so far have not existed in its kind stand during the filming. Reason enough to devote an entire video clip the special frame Nielsen.

In almost three minutes is the frame for jerseys and objects in all its facets explained and presented to the Viewer. In the clip, it becomes clear what possibilities to use this object framework are. The jerseys or other clothing items securely in the frame can be inserted. The rear panel is designed so that textiles can be attached with pins. On the other hand, total compositions can be produce in fabric, pictures or other memorabilia. At the same time, the frame is designed so that it can be mounted on the wall with a few simple steps. Apparently, these advantages in the video clip be clarified. As one of the first frame stores had recorded already with the Jersey framework on Nielsen in September 2009 in his offer. Of successful frame sending the Artvera GmbH & co. KG is one of picture frames to the first online special shippers by Nielsen. artvera GmbH & co. KG Kant road 116 D-10627 Berlin phone: 030 / 31 51 74 3-0 (Mon-Fri 9:30 18:30) fax: 030 / 31 51 74 3-9 E-Mail: info at Internet: artvera GmbH & co. KG local court Charlottenburg HRA 42086 B personally liable partner: artvera Beteiligungs GmbH, Berlin, Amtsgericht Charlottenburg HRB 116621 B Managing Director: Detlef Winkelewski is an online shop of the company of artvera GmbH & co. KG, formerly E.k.. the Managing Director is Mr Detlef Winkelewski. It offered a very large selection of picture frames from many different manufacturers at an affordable price. The portfolio includes frame, wood frame, Baroque frame, plastic frame, photo frame, mat, and digital photo frame. Standard formats and custom-made orders are available.

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