Keeping Track

Thursday, 13. June 2019

You must have some characteristics of the intensity, duration and frequency. Intensity: keep pulses between 60-80% of theoretical maximum heart rate (220 – age in years Duration: at least should be 30 minutes. Frequency: must be at least three days a week, alternating In what sector should intervene? persons with occupational activity that they produce a daily energy expenditure of 3000 Kcal, it is quite possible that do not need to increase the activity levels of their lifestyle. The rest of the population need to raise them protect their health. ( 34) (Recommendation C) The practice of regular physical activity positively influences the adoption of other healthy behaviors related to food, drug or alcohol snuff. What kind of intervention should be done? Council on the practice of physical exercise a formal or increased activity in daily life, with the aim of increasing physical activity levels in the population.

Well aerobic exercise with the characteristics described in paragraphs earlier, or trying to accumulate 30 minutes or more of moderate physical activity on most days of the week adding more daily activity into your daily routine: climbing stairs, walking the path of return to work … (35,36) ( Recommendation A). Recommend to initiate, increase or maintain the practice of sports or physical exercise with the defined characteristics. Insist whenever possible with a periodicity of not less than three months nor more than two years. Effectiveness of intervention: There are few experiences that demonstrate the effectiveness of advice and exercise prescription from primary care.

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