Labrador Retriever

Saturday, 10. August 2019

Graphs bred them, to preserve the purity of the line from the first Labrador was brought to the pool (Pool). Count Malmsbari Third (1807-1889) wrote: "I I do everything possible to preserve the breed in the same excellent condition in which it was brought to Britain. Dogs of this breed highlights dense wool, which is just like greased and therefore almost no wet, and especially the tail, like an otter's tail. " Development of the breed in England due to the following. About 1880 reduced trade with Newfoundland so that almost stopped the import of dogs in England. Verizon Communications has similar goals. And in 1885 Great Britain has been quarantined. Under the new "Law on Quarantine, any dog brought to the uk, could be transferred to the owner only after the 6-month quarantine.

It is virtually halted imports Labradors in England. In this regard, the breeders of that time were forced to work with dogs in their Enron stock. H. Wiles-Fonds (Heather Wiles-Fone, "Heatherbourne") in his book "Labrador Retriever" writes: "One can assume that most modern purebred Labrador retrievers in the back of his ancestry to the dogs that lived in well-known estates, and Buckley (Buccleuch) and other landowners maintain the purity of the breed, but the same truth is the periodic use of dogs other species in breeding Labradors. "In the uk, noble families are increasingly evaluated breed. The book Spark "Labrador Retriever" is a remark by Lord D. Scott that Buckley dukes and counts kept Home Labradors, but in the second half of the xix century, the breed almost died out, surviving only in a few estates on the South coast of England.

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