Tuesday, 30. September 2014

Combination of pastel colors (pink with pale blue, blue with a dull yellow …) are good for recreation. White soothes and clearly visible at dusk, when the red and blue colors look dark. In addition, in the background is better visible colors are bright, and blue colors in the distance give the depth of space, which expands it. Red and yellow tones visually bring to us the place where they grow. This is important when planting large plots, and short or long and narrow. Of course, most important when choosing Color – vision. However, we should not forget that the flower may also have a track and odors. Since.

even just a wonderful aroma may be unpleasant for you as a result of individual characteristics, flavors on a bed must meet the criteria of your personal perception. And then the fragrant flower garden is better positioned where you are long or regularly walk past. Good supplement composition of fragrant flowers shrubs. Bushes heavily slows down the wind and the smell of a long time carried away. Also, the fragrance will be stronger if put together plants with similar odors. The classic combination: the scent of roses and the smell of Lavant catnip. The layout of flower beds can be in the landscape style or classic (regular), depending on the chosen style of landscape garden design, site as a whole. Landscaped flower arrangements – is mixborders, groups, arrays, the composition of rocks, rockeries and alpine slides.

Regular flower arrangements – it's beds, ridges, curbs and tapeworms. Flower beds can be one-sided: if the flowers are high in the background, and more low flowers closer to the point of perception. Flowerbeds examine from all sides. A flower bed – it's a flower garden of regular geometric shape, ascending to the center where the highest planted flowers. You can make a raised flower bed or flower garden, placing it at a height of, for example, 0,5 m from ground level. Flower garden can be arranged in a street pot. Particularly noteworthy are perennial flowers. Perennial flowers vary in height: low, medium, high. Perennial flowers in contrast to annual flowers do not bloom for so long, but samovozobnovlyayutsya each season (their lifetime is not limited to one season). Many perennial flowers multiply by division. Dividing perennial plants – mandatory procedure. If perennial flowers for a long time not to divide, there is a loss of decorative qualities. A brief description of some undemanding perennial flowers, if your flowers are grown with the retreat of the above rules, upset is not worth it. After all, the garden variety of colors interspersed with the green grass, trees, foliage, and they smooth out the roughness and inharmonious combination of volumes and shapes. The main thing is that the next flower bed or flower garden will have a better earlier. And if you yourself can not deal with the placement of flowers, please contact the professionals: landscape design and gardening

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