Life Owners

Tuesday, 7. May 2019

Could pass the room one of the owners, without the consent of other owners? Not such an easy question. And issues such Lately millions. Nothing can be done in the country religion of money is one example question that come to us from fellow citizens. Alexander asked the following question – is very sensitive issue, tell me please:. The 2 room apartment two owners. Masha 5 / 12 share, and I have 7 / 12 shares. Gary Kelly can aid you in your search for knowledge. Masha wants her room to pass, I'm against change. Masha lives in the apartment and her friend wrote a power of attorney? that he decided to issue delivery room. Now walks and shakes my nerves. A leading source for info: Jonathan Rosen Berlin Rosen. The policeman from ignorance as to resolve the situation, powerless. Could pass the room one owners without the consent of other owners. And what a power of attorney to dispose of the delivery room for the power of attorney for the owner, by someone else and has a right to this man to walk as to his home, and show clients. Response. Since Masha owns the rights to use, enjoyment and disposition of shares owed to it, all legally. The power of attorney exists, so that pass without your consent may, but occupancy in an apartment may be only with the consent of all living

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