Liked Starting Shot: YOU Goes Green

Thursday, 27. June 2019

Europe’s biggest youth event and “climate seeks protection” fight together for good climate / YOU climate-friendly event Berlin’s first steps in the direction, September 29, 2010. The YOU 2010 wants to sensitize young people for climate protection and climate-friendly event do themselves a big step in the direction of. For this, the team has sought a strong partner. Not only the visitors of YOU during the planet initiative save YOU (r) are supporting the campaign promoted by the Ministry for environment, climate seeks protection”” enlightened extensively about their ability to protect the environment. Europe’s largest youth fair, which takes place this year from October 1-3 at the Berlin airport Tempelhof, rather carefully checks all components on their environmental friendliness. Various projects and activities show the visitors how to do something for the environment and give so that even small steps in everyday life is a great contribution for a healthy coexistence and sustainability make,”said Daniel Barkowski, project manager of YOU in the YOU – press conference today, Wednesday. “First important steps will be doing this year together with the campaign climate seeks protection” already in place. Where possible we have dispensed with the use of generators, prefers green electricity used and work in catering with gas cookers”, so babe next.

The measures include as well the establishment of waste Islands just like a strict separation of garbage, as well the installation of bicycle racks and the introduction of deposit systems and reusable dishes. “Should the proposed a way to green mass in the coming year together climate seeks protection” be continued. Practical climate change for students and teachers expected young visitors a variety of information on climate change. In addition to an information booth by climate seeks protection”, also in the teachers and students lounge, there will be practical tips and advice from first hand. Protection searches for the winner of the nationwide Energiesparmeister climate” report about their school climate protection projects and give concrete suggestions for establishing an own climate protection AG.

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