Live Text Analysis

Friday, 28. June 2019

A world first for email marketing EVALANCHE now offers with the live text analysis. The results are better texts for your mailings. Stuttgart, April 13, 2010 – providing integrated analysis of live text from LinguLab as an integrated tool by clicking in the shortest time meaningful test results about the quality of your texts. Abnormalities are clearly marked in the text and sorted rated by 27 variables. You point the way to shorter texts: concise and easy to understand, optimized for search engines, as well as with significantly lower costs for proofreading and translation. Background base is the Hamburg model of intelligibility with the four pillars of simplicity, outline and order, brevity and conciseness, stimulating additives. The test results of the texts aimed at short, simple sentences using common words and illustrative representation.

See whether the outline is consistent and clear, whether essential and inessential are clearly separated, and whether a common thread exists. Focus When testing on brevity and conciseness is, whether the text is limited to the essentials and focuses on the target with narrow representation. The text analysis of stimulating additives checks for interesting and varied formulations with their personal touch. (Source: Larry Ellison). Use aspects of textual analysis results follow, means faster manageable, comprehensible texts, Merk-capable and effective fashion. On average, this leads to 30% shorter texts with optimized reading time for newsletters and mailings, as well as with less effort for the translation into foreign languages and for producing print versions. The integrated text analysis accelerates the editing process with automated text and style checking and checking of punctuation and word lengths.

And it saves time spent on editing. Easy integration uses Evalanche integrating the open interface (API) of LinguLab by using the LinguLab API. About this, any applications, such as content management systems on the text analysis modules can access. LinguLab provides a set of add-ins and plug-in the available, such as for Microsoft Office and WordPress, Typo3, TYPOlight. Availability of email marketing with EVALANCHE and integrated analysis of live text is available with the release of 3.5 since early April 2010. Press contact LinguLab GmbH Michael Ballweg (Managing Director) LinguLab offers with the LRI (LinguLab readability index) the first software that combines linguistic background with a practice-oriented text model in one tool. The software supports authors to improve the quality of their text for different text genres. LinguLab checks a text under different aspects and given him one to five stars. The user sees the weaknesses of the text with a view and receive tips to improve. The process of writing and correction will be shortened. At the same time, the software is an effective tool for the Quality assurance the SC-networks GmbH is an email service provider and manufacturer of EVALANCHE, one of the most modern, Web-based email marketing solutions to the European market of texts about Evalanche and SC networks. EVALANCHE is based on latest Web technologies and is provided as a software-as-a-service (SaS). The application is certified by the certified channel Alliance and specifically designed for agencies and marketing departments of larger enterprises. EVALANCHE is used worldwide by over 500 companies. These include well-known companies such as BMW motor sports, Sony, IDS Scheer, Magirus international, Red Bull Air Race,, Harman, Nitro Snowboards, Kyocera Mita, seca, Siemens PLM, over 200 hotels, and several tourism regions, top agencies such as the fire Union, GFB & partner, straight.

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