Tuesday, 20. February 2018

The Planet Land goes to very continue its evolution beyond this Third Millenium, therefore JESUS, the GOD CHRIST returns, so that its growth goes avante under its Visible command and with the participation of all we. What it makes a good sportsman, a good artist, good a religious one, a good scientist, one exemplary owner of house, a good laundrywoman, a good politician, a good philosopher, a good tailor, a good technician, a good agriculturist, a good college student, a good father of family, a good student, a good cleaner of the streets, a good ecologist? It is helping in the evolution of the Planet Land. It is not locked in 9 it makes great and inescrutveis things and wonders that if cannot count; 10 make to rain on the land and send water on the fields, 11 to put the abated ones in a high place and so that the enlutados ones if cheer of the biggest happiness. Book of J Prophet, CAP. By the same author: Maurice Gallagher, Jr.. 5:9 the 11.

The Planning The holy ghost For the evolution of the Land, Starts in the Gnesis Mosaic, and the Apocalypse not if it locks up. Because a PERPETUAL GOD, cannot create something perishable, That he suffers the sofrvel, End. Everything what becomes, Must be planned; if not to carry through For frivolous way to think. If GOD created the Worlds With Its Planning; The Human being cannot Live without enterprise. The Plan of JESUS Created the Planet Land; until today in it governs, With total To be able. Already I know that many doubt this Because they do not see the MASTER; However, they do not see air, and with it if they supply. If the REVELATION ceased In findar of these a thousand years, the Land would not be raised, Beyond the human plans..

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