LTE By Vodafone Is Browsing In Real Time

Wednesday, 5. June 2019

Faster network expansion LTE with Vodafone already at this stage the market introduction of LTE offers the mobile phone company Vodafone customers attractive early booking discounts and complete solutions for Internet and telephony. The goal: nationwide LTE expansion at any other company is the expansion of the new mobile phone standard advanced Vodafone with LTE will be soon available in many connection areas be. Include in particular territories without DSL, the so-called white spots”of mobile map radio, which are equipped with LTE by Vodafone. Also cities such as Hamburg and Berlin will benefit from the expansion of the LTE network. A nationwide expansion and a market share of at least 50 per cent aims by Vodafone, according to a spokesman for the mobile phone company. Consult now according to the requirements of the Federal Network Agency rural regions without DSL connections be equipped initially with LTE with Vodafone, before a general LTE expansion can take place. Since late last year, Vodafone offers Hardware to use LTE, LTE sticks, which optimally harness the new power, for example. You will also receive more information about LTE with Vodafone on

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