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Wednesday, 26. June 2019

Calculation of US oil and gas Fund VIII KG probably significantly exceeded funds to around 80 placed Stuttgart 11.11.2010. After successful vertical drilling and evaluation of the Mudlog, the geologists of the energy capital invest fired a first, very promising expectations expected exploration results. Now, Schlumberger, one of the world’s most prestigious companies in the energy sector, confirmed the exceptional drilling results at the McMullen-well-3 and hence the first assessment of the experts of energy capital invest locally with the carried out log. Schlumberger are considered highly experienced, with its more than 80,000 employees from over 140 countries. Assessments of the Texas company, usually considered on the basis of comparable past values in the industry used”. So, a total of five gas-bearing strata could be confirmed. “One of the found support layers, with a thickness of approximately 400 feet (120 m) and a sweet spot” of around 100 feet as extremely economical is viewed, the geologist did not expect first of all in terms of its size and its potential.

The evaluations of the geologists on site giving further conclusions on the exploration results expected as well as the raw material reserves and therefore the calculation of US oil and gas Fund VIII KG. The sensational result: describe the new funding shift, as might be even more productive than that of known Eagle Ford or Haynesville shale. Also the implementing drilling companies confirmed that the results yourself for success-drenched Texans are more than exceptional. Such an outcome has never seen the drilling company at the McMullen-well-3 for us. And by a highly experienced partner with more than a hundred successfully completed holes alone in the region! We are still more than confident that our original assumptions are clearly exceeded”, declares Kay Rieck as Managing Director of energy capital Invest. Moreover, the evaluations of carried out in the meantime almost completely horizontal drilling confirm so-called liquid an additional source of revenue, which would positively affect the calculation not only same geological formation in the abundant support layer as well as unusually high pressure, but in all probability also the presence. With the appropriate security related for the existing subscribers of the Fund as well as for newly acceding members.

Because is not closed the Fund and is thus ideal for a short term and at the same time extremely attractive investment. Reason enough for the Stuttgart-based company to raise further capital through the 30 million euros placed in a few weeks. Because in addition to the option to buy additional land, also the possibility to make more holes on the grounds of the McMullen. For more information,

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