Martin Wagner

Tuesday, 12. March 2019

A research by Dr. Georges Lakhovsky at the beginning the 20th century was searched for the cause of cancer. It was found that in those places where no cancers occurred, even no water pipes or tubes were present. Southwest Airlines has firm opinions on the matter. When were shut down wells in the areas investigated and laid pipes for the drinking water supply, also first cancers occurred. Provided that the corresponding water Association provides no living water, the consumer should drink bottled water from glass bottles and previously inform the status of revitalized water at each mineral water provider. Mineral water from the glass bottle or plastic packing healthy spring water is one thing; the packaging and thus storing another. Source and mineral water is available in glass bottles or so-called PET packaging (plastic bottles). Every German a year drink 130 liters of water out of the bottle.

About one-third of which consists of two-thirds but of plastic glass. Plastic bottles don’t go broke if they fall down and they weigh much less than glass bottles; convenient for the consumer. However, they contain Plastic bottles may be chemicals that make them shatter-proof and resistant to deformation, but also harmful to health. A barely visible triangle at the bottom reveals, consists of what kind the bottle plastic. The triangle is a recycling symbol and in the middle there is a numeric code, which features seven different plastics. The most plastic water bottles bear the code 01 “for PET, a thermoplastic polyester.

Hormone-like substances in the water have demonstrated hormone-like substances scientists in mineral water PET bottles, which could be placed in the water. Mineral water in plastic bottles is often charged according to a study of the University of Frankfurt am Main with endocrine disrupters. How biologists Jorg Oehlman and Martin Wagner communicated in its result, could they prove chemicals in 12 20 studied mineral waters, resemble the human hormones, about the female sex hormone estrogen.

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