Mazatlan Y Su Centro Historico

Thursday, 26. December 2013

Mazatlan is a city rich in traditions and history, it was founded in 1531, and its name comes from the Nahuatl meaning land of deer. Its territorial extension is of 5,000 km.2, and is located 21 km from the Tropic of Cancer. Originally the main economic activity was agriculture, fishing and hunting. At present commercial fishing remains an important activity and represents a high percentage in the total income of the State. However, as the years have passed, and due to the natural beauty of the port and the friendly and helpful nature of its residents, tourism has become the most important activity; And it is now internationally known as the Pearl of the Pacific. Between 1847 and 1871, many countries tried to conquer it, but it was defended with great courage by their Mazatlecos. In the early eighteenth century, began to build one of the first and oldest buildings in the historic center, the chapel of San Jose; they began in 1835 and ended by 1842.

It is even older than the Cathedral which was built in 1856 to 1875. With the years Mazatlan has grown and has become a very important tourist destination, both for Mexicans as Americans and Canadians. The Mazatlecos are very proud people and don’t forget their roots, to the contrary. An important group of traders and businessmen in Mazatlan are working hard to rescue what a day the historic center, was rescuing the splendour of those years; Golden years, when the great-grandparents and great grandfathers came to Mazatlan in search of new opportunities, some of them with products to sell, others with gold to do business and others with nothing more than a dream in the heart. Those years represent work and an uphill struggle, represent the passion, the will and the great heart that constitutes the Mazatlecos. Why the Mazatlecos have not forgotten him, and the historic centre is a tribute to them, successful businessmen, famous artists and people who anonymously to live ordinary lives, made of Mazatlan what is now home to good, loyal, hardworking and friendly people.

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