MSH Diseases

Thursday, 3. March 2016

Adrenaline w norepinephrine also inhibit the action of MSH on the skin. Currently investigating autoimmune processes in vitiligo. Some authors (YF Korolev, 1980) suggest that while the disease is developing a process to autosensibilization pigment cells, melanin, alpha-MSH. The absence of melanocytes in vitiligo is consequence of immunological disorders. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. often addresses the matter in his writings. However, the question of participation in the pathogenesis of vitiligo spacecraft and the role of autoimmunity in this dermatosis has not been fully resolved.

For this reason, patients with vitiligo are examined by a neurologist to detect violations of the nervous system, exceptions diencephalic disorders, abnormalities of the autonomic nervous system, identify the associated somatic and endocrine diseases. In the prevailing number of patients with vitiligo detect diseases of the digestive tract, liver, giardiasis, an protivolyamblioznoy therapy in most cases stop the progression of depigmentation. In all probably related liver disease, digestive system, giardiasis, chronic tonsillitis and other diseases with vitiligo affect the condition of the autonomic nervous system plays a pathogenic role, violate the regulation mechanism of the formation of melanin: the hypothalamic – pituitary – adrenal axis. Treatment of patients with vitilingo carried out comprehensively, taking into account all the individual characteristics of the organism, the presence of concomitant diseases. In the conventional therapy used furokumarinovye drugs (meladinin, ammifurina, psoberan, furalen, psoralen, beroksana), in accordance with established schemes, preparations of copper in combination with herbal medicine. Children under 5 years furokumarinovye drugs administered only topically. The inclusion of a comprehensive treatment of the clinical effect of herbal medicine was much higher.

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