National Integration

Friday, 18. March 2016

The Managing Committee of the PDRS Xingu, in accordance with the Decree N 7,340, of 21 of October of 2010, has the attributions of monitoramento, joint and planning in set with the society for the implementation of the plan, evaluation and revision of effectiveness, elaboration of annual reports to be presented to the National Chamber of Politics of National Integration and Regional Development and the elaboration of the Internal regulation of the plan. Participation of the Managing Committee 05 representatives of the Federal Government, 05 Representatives of the State Government, 05 representatives of the Municipal City halls, 01 representative of employers of the urban sector, 01 representative of employers of the agricultural sector, 01 representative of the sector fishing boat, 01 representative of the company Norte Energia s.a., 04 representatives of the syndical entities of the urban, agricultural workers and of the fishing, 04 representatives of the too much segments of the civil society understanding the social movements and ambient organizations in the area of abrangncia of the plan, 02 representatives of the aboriginal communities proceeding from communities in the area of direct influence of the enterprise of Beautiful Mount, 01 representative of education institution and operating research in the abrangncia area. The participation in the Managing Committee in accordance with the Decree does not try any remuneration, being considered as rendering of services of excellent public interest. However, much even so the Plan institutionalizes a managing committee and guarantees the participation of the civil society as a whole in its initial process of quarrel until the implementation of the actions of the plan, the same does not guarantee a formation process that it guarantees to this population conditions of pautar the internalizao of investments for the region, the democratization and ambient management and the consequent minimizao of socioambientais impacts in the region..

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