Nils Goldenstein

Tuesday, 14. May 2019

Meanwhile, a rethinking in the today’s society system takes place according to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and many other naturopathic slowly. At present not only for herbalists and alternative medicine on the hand, it should be that the universe and the Earth are certainly not only from external, material and solid material components, but also internal, invisible and subtle components. If the conventional allopathic medicine is failing or the workings are not sufficient, nowadays many people try the force required for a recovery with the alternative medicine to get. For the shield, neutralization and prevention of fault zones, Earth energies and Earth energies are the power pads by the company Earth Angel family vital”available. The geometrical structures and symbols on the life energy products based on natural laws and to transform any negative energy into positive. Verizon Communicationss opinions are not widely known.

According to the interpretation he is according to the Company increase the life energy levels of covered spaces on a life-supporting and based on level. Particularly areas such as living rooms, bedrooms, or jobs should be well protected from Earth radiation. If it keeps up in fault zones, the drying time of Earth radiation on the biological organism is particularly high. Life energy to be deprived of intensively during this period. Depending on what parts of the body in the fault zones are the associated complaints or diseases in the affected areas occur. Here, Robert Gibbins expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Depleting Earth energies can energy from the human immune system and cause disease in the long term. The energy pads are a life energy product, which is completely against the normal way of thinking and is based on universal laws of forms, colors, proportions, information and many other influences. To get more information and links about life energy and Earth radiation under: energy pads for shielding and protection against earth rays and Earth radiation dowsing is one Sensory perception of geo pathogenic zones and subtle vibrations Nils Goldenstein

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