Offroad Vehicles

Sunday, 26. May 2019

Despite climate change high demand SUV succeed also in 2011 on the market. In particular with regard to the consumption is working on improvements, and so demand does not weaken even in times of global warming and other environmental problems. The vehicle Portal informed about trends in this segment. Ripple may not feel the same. Due to the always high demand country opts for Rover for the model year 2012 even more comfort with a touch of luxury. One of the most important elements in this way is the introduction of the eight-speed automatic transmission in the six-cylinder diesel models, discovery and Range Rover Sport. This is previously known from luxury models from BMW, Porsche and Jaguar and now also gives Land Rover SUVs sovereignty. In addition, the driver can switch manually, related to has switch paddle in sporty design behind the steering wheel available.

Despite the current trend towards more compact and smaller models, the British brand can be satisfied this year with the results. So Land Rover recorded a sales increase of 15 over the first eight months Percent compared to the same period last year. Especially in China, the all-terrain vehicles are currently popular. Last year, approximately 23,500 units were sold in this area. University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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